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Connecting the IT business with the industry is the main activity of the German based software manufacturer Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH. The roots of these activities date back to 1992. At that time, the idea was to establish a co-operation between a cement producer and a software manufacturer in order to create a state-of-the art software solution for dispatch automation and yard management within the bulk goods industry. Throughout the last thirty years, this idea evolved to the VAS software, a globally renowned solution for the industrial sector, which makes Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH a perfectly integrated entity of the powerful global VINCI-Energies network.

It all started with a small team of motivated software developers who together with their first customer set the challenge of programming a revolutionary and innovative system, which combines ERP-level data with automation devices to ensure perfect plant processes. Not only at that time, this concept was quite ahead of its time and set out the path for an ongoing journey into logistics optimization within the industry. Over the years, the team has succeeded in growing steadily, conquering new markets and industries bit by bit. Starting with the first partner in the cement business others joined shortly after also from other industries like limestone, aggregates, calcium carbonate and asphalt.

Successfully accomplishing large projects consisting of software, hardware and services, combined with the tireless engagement for further development made the team and product grow steadily from its beginnings in the German market to today’s worldwide usage of the VAS product. Listening to customer needs and turning them into innovative software functionalities in combination with an expert staffed 24/7 support organization, have always been the main reasons why Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH has established itself as a successful and reliable partner for the cement and bulk goods industry.

However, our history does not only stem from the success of our services and achievements of VAS the product – it is rather the people, the team of IAS, who make it a history. Meanwhile, our team consists of more than ten different nationalities, which combine a broad background of diverse business areas and industries. Everyone makes a valuable contribution to the overall success. VAS is a product in itself; the people behind it give it a face and a character.

Today, decades later, the VAS team from the old days is organized as an own company Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH, which perfectly integrated into the powerful global VINCI-Energies Network.

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Axians in Germany is an agile corporate network of specialised ICT service providers and software manufacturers under the VINCI Energies global ICT brand Axians. Direct proximity to customers is achieved through a comprehensive presence in 24 cities.

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