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VAS Yard Management

The solution for your logistics processes in the plant
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Our process-oriented VAS Yard Management Software solution VAS® for the bulk materials industry in the building materials sector for cement, sand and gravel, lime, asphalt or concrete automates and optimizes the logistics and loading processes in the plant. This enables your customers to control self-service shipping processes around the clock.

VAS Yard Management covers all vehicle handling processes within a plant. From entering the registration data for the security check at the plant entrance, followed by weighing, loading, printing of shipping documents to the controlled plant exit. VAS Yard Management is the automated, process-oriented solution for your supply chain management.

With its high scalability and customizability, VAS Yard Management is suitable for companies of different sizes and numbers of locations and supports future growth and change. As the link between your ERP and other IT systems, VAS is the key function for efficient process flows.

Main features of VAS Yard Management

Icon Auftragsplanung
With the dispatching module iDispo as well as the modules of VAS Cloud Logistics, your customers plan their orders and trips in advance. Pre-registration means that all information about the delivery is already available in advance. This avoids bottlenecks and waiting times.
Icon Automatisierung der Werkseinfahrt
Factory entrance and exit
At the plant entrance, drivers register at self-service terminals using RFID, TAN or QR and thus obtain RFID cards to access the plant premises. Safety instructions can also be mapped here. Subsequently, the weighing of the truck takes place. With digital checklists, plant employees can control the processes. A driver app contains the digital delivery bills, loading bills and other paperwork. At the plant exit, weighing then takes place again to calculate the load.
Icon Beladung
Loading and unloading
VAS directs the driver to the correct loading or unloading terminal and initiates the automated loading process RFID or QR code. Forklifts and wheel loaders can be integrated into the process via mobile apps for vehicle operators. VAS can also map disposal and recycling processes (including eANV).
Icon Qualitätssicherung
Security and control
VAS supports numerous physical control measures such as monitoring of trucks, drivers and facilities via webcams, access control with barriers, traffic lights as well as identification via RFID or QR. VAS also offers digital security measures such as regular data backups, cyber security and optional 24/7 support.
Icon Lieferscheinerstellung
After weighing, VAS creates the delivery bill for the driver, which is digitally transferred directly to your ERP system. In VAS, dispatchers can also view other metrics and reports such as shipping statistics, KPIs, and planning reports.
Icon Integration
VAS offers interfaces to all common ERP, laboratory, archive and TMS systems, to technical equipment as well as to our central logistics workflow solution VAS Cloud Logistics. This makes VAS the central link for all logistics processes inside and outside the plant.

Procedure VAS Yard Management


Screenshots of VAS Yard Management

Benefits of VAS Yard Management at a glance

Icon Automatisierung
Process optimization
VAS standardizes, digitizes and automates all yard management processes. This shortens lead times, improves equipment utilization, and provides continuous process optimization through process control.
Icon Lieferkontrollen
More security and control
VAS improves occupational and plant safety, ensures compliance, optimizes the monitoring and logging of all logistics processes in the plant, and increases IT security.
Icon Aufwände-kosten
Higher productivity and cost savings
VAS increases the plannability of processes, improves verification and documentation while reducing manual work. This leads to more efficient processes, reduces costs and optimizes productivity.

Our software is certified by AQP® in France, which guarantees the reliability of the information on the delivery bills. AQP

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Technical specifications of VAS Yard Management

The modular architecture of VAS allows standards to be developed and implemented, and then adapted to local requirements. Typically, a template is implemented for standard business processes and optimized for different business areas or country units.

Our VAS Yard Management solution is independent of specific hardware manufacturers. This allows companies to retain their existing hardware and replace it with new hardware solutions as needed.

With high scalability and customizability, VAS is suitable for companies of different sizes and number of locations and also supports future growth and changes.

As a web-based application, VAS provides quick and easy updates for all workstations as well as centralized control over all operations in the plant.

VAS is arbitrarily expandable in language, time and date format. It is currently used in over 30 countries and is already available in more than 20 languages.

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