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VAS Cloud Logistics is a modular and cloud-based solution for the automation of the central logistics workflow in the bulk materials industry in the building materials sector for cement, sand and gravel, lime, asphalt or concrete. The IT-supported workflow ranges from customer orders to order and transport planning to shipping and delivery.

With VAS Cloud Logistics, you can map your logistics workflow completely digitally. This gives you complete transparency over your processes, speeds up turnaround times and increases your productivity.

Dedicated portals and applications provide the most appropriate user interface and functionality for each workflow role such as end customers, carriers, truck drivers, factories and internal logistics management.

The cloud solution improves the transparency of processes in the logistics workflow, the consistency of data and the efficiency of employees in the logistics area.

The modules of VAS Cloud Logistics

VAS Cloud Logistics has a modular structure. Each module can be licensed separately. The modules of VAS Cloud Logistics at a glance:
IconA dministration
Central data management and configuration: The administration module includes all configuration tasks relevant for the optimal operation of the IAS Suite. Master data as well as users, roles, clients and UI parameters can be easily created and configured.
Icon Einkaufskorb
Customer portal
Creation and management of purchase orders: Customers/buyers can create online orders (call-offs) for various materials, manage and modify these orders, and track the status and progress of these orders. The orders are automatically transmitted online to the Order Planning module.
Icon Auftragsplanung
Job planning
Planning and processing of customer orders: MRP controllers can plan orders created by customers, process these orders Assign carriers and make multiple changes to these orders. Planning data (planned deliveries) can be transmitted manually or automatically to customers, plants and forwarders.
Icon Ttransportmanagement
Transport planning
Generation and planning of transport orders: The forwarder automatically receives transport orders online from the order planning module. He can confirm, reject or change these orders and forward this online to the supplier. Detailed planning and assignment to specific trucks is also possible. Can also be used for the management of an internal fleet.
Icon LKW
Delivery management
Generation and management of deliveries: Provides a detailed list of scheduled deliveries with vehicle details, material information, target date and time, and assigned plant. Serves as a "to-do list" for a weigher or shipping employee at the plant. The status of deliveries can be set and detailed delivery data - also from external systems - can be displayed.
Icon Schnittstelle
Interface module
Data import and export via Web APIs: Provides standardized Web APIs for bidirectional communication with third-party systems and the Axians Yard Management System VAS. An Excel-based import function for master data and contracts is also available.

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Benefits of VAS Cloud Logistics at a glance

Digital workflow with high transparency
The automation of processes ensures greater transparency of logistics processes and a seamless, digital flow of information without error-prone, manual interfaces and media discontinuities.
Sustainable efficiency increase and cost reduction
The automation of logistics processes reduces manual efforts and resource requirements. The automatic generation and management of shipping documents also saves time and costs.
Improve customer satisfaction
The digitization of logistics processes accelerates ordering and delivery processes as well as the overall throughput times of orders. This ensures sustainably higher customer satisfaction.

Digitize your logistics processes within the plant as well - with VAS Yard Management!

The intelligent, process-oriented solution for the bulk solids industry

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VAS Cloud Logistics technical specifications

Modern, completely cloud-based solutionHosted by Axians IAS in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Each module can be licensed separately.

Easy connection to external systems, such as ERP, via standard Web API and Excel import functionality

Individual rights management

Support of different languages for users as well as customer contacts (dynamic customization)

Simple operation with a browser-based portal for many tasks of purchasers, order managers, dispatchers and many more

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