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The VAS Ticket App is a mobile solution for bulk goods logistics that extends digitalization to areas outside your plant and effectively supports truck drivers in obtaining all relevant information and simplifying their tasks.

This begins with the generation and management of delivery notes and continues with electronic delivery documents on the journey through to electronic delivery data for the delivery.

The VAS Ticket App has standardized interfaces and can therefore be set up quickly. The intuitive operation means that no training is required and you can get started straight away.

Main features of the VAS Ticket App

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Import of delivery data
Digital retrieval of delivery information either through a direct online connection to a yard management system (dispatch automation system) or by scanning QR codes created specifically for each delivery.
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Display of delivery data and PDF tickets
After importing the data, the app displays detailed information on each delivery. This includes all data relevant to the acceptance, processing or tracking of a delivery, as well as the digital ticket in PDF format.
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List of all deliveries
Thanks to a clear list of all pending, current and past deliveries, the user can keep an eye on all processes.
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Role-based login and user rights
To ensure security and guarantee that only authorized persons have access to the information, a role-based login system is used in certain scenarios.
QR Scan&Go functionality
This function allows users to scan a QR code and immediately gain access to the corresponding delivery ticket, even without the need to log in.
Simple integration
Thanks to standardized interfaces (open API), the VAS Ticket App can be easily integrated into existing processes and IT environments.

Screenshots of the VAS Ticket App

Digital delivery data workflow with the VAS Ticket App

The driver scans the QR code with his cell phone and immediately all delivery data is transferred to the ticket app.

When leaving the plant, drivers can use their ticket app to access another self-service terminal at the exit to create a digital delivery bill. And it does so without leaving the truck to create and file a paper document, for example.

As soon as the cargo reaches the customer, he naturally wants to have the delivery information. The traditional way is to hand over a copy of the paper delivery bill. If the recipient also has access to the ticket app, it is sufficient to scan the QR code of the delivery from the driver’s cell phone and the recipient also has all the electronic delivery information.
In a further automation step, a ticket app could then also be used to simply and paperlessly confirm delivery of the goods by the recipient (ePoD, electronic Proof-of-Delivery).

If the app is connected to a central logistics system, all deliveries assigned to the vehicle or driver can be managed and displayed simultaneously. This allows drivers to track all of their orders in a single ticket app, making the process even more efficient.

Handing over collected delivery bills as paper bundles to the carrier’s central administration should no longer be part of a truck driver’s job description. Automatic transfer to central IT systems through the ticket app is clearly the better solution here.

Benefits of the VAS Ticket App at a glance

Accelerated processes
Controlled access to the app, quick setup, intuitive operation
Full transparency
Online delivery data in the truck, consistent data for all users, one-click task list
Paperless workflows
No more printouts required, reduced CO2 footprint, no media disruptions
Gaining efficiency
No effort for document distribution and printouts, no handling effort
Cost savings
Paper, toner, printer wear and maintenance costs are eliminated, shorter truck downtimes at the factory exit, lower error rate
Data consistency
Avoidance of errors and inefficiencies

Technical specifications of the VAS Ticket App

Available for Android and iPhone in the App Store

Customer-specific adaptations are possible by arrangement

Simple integration into your existing IT environment via standardized interfaces

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