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Yard Management and Logistics Software for the Asphalt Industry

Asphalt production plays a crucial role in road construction, where different materials are combined to create a durable and passable surface. The careful mixing of aggregates such as gravel and sand with bitumen creates asphalt, which is then applied to roads to provide a safe and comfortable driving environment.

Within an asphalt mixing plant, plant logistics – especially yard management – as well as the entire logistics workflow pose significant challenges that need to be optimized and digitalized to ensure efficient material supply, smooth storage and seamless transport.

The integration of recycled material and the processing and reuse of milled material play an essential role in asphalt production. Likewise, when recycling material is received and delivered in Germany, an electronic proof of disposal (eANV) must be provided for waste requiring proof of disposal.

Yard Management and Logistics Software Challenges for the Asphalt Industry

In terms of logistics, asphalt mixing plants face the following challenges:

Scheduling in an asphalt mixing plant involves the planning and organization of raw material deliveries, transports and production processes. The multitude of variables and the need to efficiently coordinate multiple resources present a significant challenge.

Effective congestion management is critical to ensure smooth operations. It requires close monitoring of the availability of raw materials, plant capacity and transportation to avoid bottlenecks that could affect production operations.

The ability to monitor the entire logistics process in real time is of great importance. Monitoring raw material deliveries, transports and production processes makes it possible to identify potential problems at an early stage and take appropriate action to minimize disruptions.

Efficient planning and optimization of transport routes is of great importance in order to achieve time and resource savings. The challenge is to identify the best routes, avoid bottlenecks and ensure that raw materials are delivered on time and cost-effectively.

Quality requirements influence not only production, but also the logistics of asphalt production. In addition to timely and on-demand production, country-specific quality requirements and standards must also be precisely adhered to.

A smooth flow of information between different departments and stakeholders (customers, drivers, dealers, construction sites, etc.) is essential. Integration of systems (3rd party, ERP, plant control, etc.) and effective communication ensure that all relevant data is available in real time and that all stakeholders are on the same page to make informed decisions.

Advantages of using yard management and logistics software for the asphalt industry

What benefits do yard management and logistics software like our VAS Yard Management and VAS Cloud Logistics solutions offer companies in the asphalt industry?

Icon Automatisierung
Process automation
Our logistics software solutions for the asphalt industry automate manual tasks and processes, saving time and resources. This allows employees to focus on strategic tasks and minimizes errors and bottlenecks.
Icon Echtzeitueberwachung
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Our software solutions enable real-time monitoring of the entire logistics process. It provides real-time data and reports on raw material deliveries, shipments, and production operations to respond to problems early and make informed decisions.
Congestion management and optimization
Our logistics software solutions support bottleneck management by monitoring the availability of raw materials, plant capacities and means of transport. Optimization functions avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency.
Icon Integration von Daten
Integration of systems and data
Our software solutions enable the seamless integration of systems and the exchange of data between different departments and stakeholders. This ensures a smooth flow of information and enables effective collaboration.
Icon Qualität
Quality assurance
Our software solutions enable timely production by allowing the planning and recording of the corresponding raw material deliveries and also support the delivery of the asphalt mix (loading, dispoition, transport planning, etc.). In addition, our software solutions enable the integration of standards and specifications, such as AQP ("Assurance Qualité des Produits") at our customers in France.
Icon Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit
Flexibility and scalability
Our software solutions are flexible and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the asphalt mixing plant. Their scalability means that they can be used for companies of different sizes and numbers of plants, and they also enable them to support growth and change within the company and meet future requirements. Our yard management can also be cloud-based.
Icon Recyclingprozesse
Integration of recycling processes
With our software solutions, both the delivery and the delivery of recycling material such as milled material can be mapped. In addition, we can map the electronic waste records procedure (eANV) via an interface to the eANV solution from Axians ewaste, for example.
Icon Lieferscheinerstellung
Support with the creation of delivery notes
Our solutions offer fast entry masks for creating master data during delivery note creation. Analysis data management manages and assigns material analyses and records the values during delivery note creation.

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