Lime and calcium carbonate

Yard management and logistics software for the lime and calcium carbonate industry

The lime and calcium carbonate industry is facing various challenges. Sustainability and environmental aspects have high priority, while the promotion of the circular economy and recycling of products are gaining in importance. The industry is also taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and Industry 4.0 to optimize production processes.

It also focuses its attention on workplace safety and employee protection. In view of these developments, digitization and automation in both plants and logistics processes is another important topic.

Yard Management and Logistics Software Challenges for the Lime and Calcium Carbonate Industry

The production of lime and dolomite products requires complex production processes with various steps and material flows. The logistical challenge is to efficiently plan and coordinate the supply of materials, internal transport and delivery of finished products.

A lime and calcium carbonate industry plant can store various raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. The logistical challenge is to optimize inventory, avoid bottlenecks and ensure the availability of the required materials to maintain a continuous production flow.

The automation of logistics and loading processes requires the integration of different systems (IT + OT) and the smooth exchange of data between them. One challenge is to find a software solution that enables seamless automation and ensures efficient communication between the IT systems involved.

A plant in the lime and calcium carbonate industry often has various existing IT systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), warehouse systems or scales. A new software solution should enable seamless integration with these systems to ensure smooth data exchange and effective collaboration.

In the transport and processing of lime and calcium carbonate must comply with strict environmental and safety regulations. This can present both logistical and operational challenges.

Advantages of using yard management and logistics software for the lime and calcium carbonate industry

Axians IAS has been providing software-based solutions for logistics in the bulk materials industry for many years. In the interaction between VAS Yard Management and VAS Logistics Cloud, Axians offers a logistics eco-system that provides a perfect logistics solution for the needs and requirements of the lime and calcium carbonate industry.

Icon Automatisierung
Automation and digitization of processes
Our software solutions for the lime and calcium carbonate industry automate manual tasks and processes (from entry into the plant, to loading, to exit and delivery to the customer), saving valuable time and resources. This allows your employees to focus on strategic tasks, reduces errors and minimizes bottlenecks.
Icon Echtzeitueberwachung
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Our software solutions offer real-time monitoring of the entire supply chain, e.g. via lot number or batch tracking. They provide real-time data and reports on raw material supply, transport operations, loading processes, and production processes to enable quick responses to any problems and support informed decision-making. This enables traceability from production to the end consumer.
Congestion management and optimization
Our software solutions for the lime and calcium carbonate industry support bottleneck management by monitoring the availability of raw materials, plant capacities and transportation means. As a result, bottlenecks can be identified and continuously eliminated.
Icon Integration von Daten
Integration of systems and data
Our software solutions enable seamless integration of systems (e.g. fully automated WMS, ERP, 3rd party systems, forklift terminal with pallet scanning) and effective exchange of data between the different departments and stakeholders of your lime and calcium carbonate plant. A laboratory connection, sample management and quality document management can also be mapped using our solutions. This ensures a consistent flow of information and enables effective collaboration. Our VAS Yard Management solution can be operated on-premise or cloud-based.
Icon Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit
Flexibility and scalability
Our software solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your lime and calcium carbonate plant. Their scalability makes them suitable for companies of different sizes and number of locations, and they can also support future growth and changes in your company.
Icon Stetoskop
Support for compliance with (hygiene) regulations
VAS Yard Management can be used to define the time periods and sample types for taking samples, the results of which then determine the process flow such as a release sample for the feed industry (FEMAS / Qualimat).
Icon Volumenueberwachung
Volume monitoring
For liquid materials such as milk of lime, volume is also monitored by specifics such as density. This ensures that for means of transport such as wagons, ships and truck silos, in addition to the weight, the material density is also specified to prevent overloading and overflow.

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