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With our Consulting & Services, we give your digital transformation in the area of yard management and central logistics workflow the decisive boost.

The basis for a successful implementation of a new software solution is the precise description of the business requirements and expectations. This goes hand in hand with business process optimization to implement your digital strategy in day-to-day business. These are the topics wecover within the scope of our consulting services

Our complementary Services include the areas of Project Management, Support and Software Maintenance.

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Our consulting offer for digital yard management and the central logistics workflow

Take this opportunity to rethink your logistics processes and integrate value-added elements into your operations. As your partner, we stand by your side and support this process according to your individual needs. Whether as a consultant or as the responsible designer of your business processes – we support you in achieving your goals.

Our consulting goes beyond theoretical approaches. When implementing your logistics project, you benefit from our many years of experience and our professional project management. We bring your business optimization to life and make sure it delivers tangible results.

Your advantages through our consulting & services

We analyze and evaluate your current logistics processes. You benefit from the following advantages:
Increased efficiency through automation and standardization
Reduction of costs and resource requirements
Improve the quality and consistency of processes

Process consulting

Our approach in detail:

The specification phase deals with the definition of all relevant business processes, technical requirements, data structures, system architectures and functionalities that affect an organization.

Together with our customers, we evaluate the existing processes and procedures in workshops, including the identification of weak points and bottlenecks in the procedures. The goal is to obtain perfectly analyzed, optimized and refined structures that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your company by implementing our logistics software solutions.

Implementation begins shortly after the first two specification workshops. Based on the information provided by the project team, our programmers will develop your customized logistics software solutions. We also actively involve the team on the customer side in the development. A lively exchange between the two parties is also very important in this phase. At regular intervals and according to defined schedules, new development steps are carried out, which are then ready for testing. This form of interaction ensures high quality and reduces the development effort to a reasonable level.

Together with our customer and selected users, dedicated system tests are then carried out. Afterwards, we always conduct a debriefing to ensure that all customer requirements have been implemented correctly. Of course, it is also very important for us to take into account the wishes of the users. They are the ones who ultimately work with the new logistics software solution.

The final step is the go-live. We have developed a deployment strategy that we have been practicing successfully for years – together with our customers, we are on site and commission the individual plants. We do not distinguish how many plants our customer has. A partner with only a few plants has the same quality in the rollout as one with countless plants.

After the successful implementation of our solutions, we offer our customers a comprehensive support service. This includes worldwide support in German and English as well as availability of our specialized team up to 24/7, depending on your needs. Depending on the requirements, our customers can choose between different support levels, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support.

Our service offer

Our project management offer

Each of our projects is accompanied by experienced IT project managers* to ensure that they are completed successfully. Project management duties include:

  • Understanding of customer requirements and how to translate them into specific project goals and plans
  • Ensuring that the customer’s requirements and expectations are properly understood and implemented by us accordingly
  • Regular communication with the stakeholders of the project and information about the current project status
  • Provide professional and technical advice to demonstrate best practices, overcome technical challenges, and identify potential solutions. As a result, companies benefit from our expertise and experience, and the project can be successfully implemented.

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Our support offer

Our support for logistics software solutions offers a wide range of service levels to meet the individual needs of our customers. From standard support during business hours to premium service with 24/7 support, a variety of options are available. Our support team is available in both German and English to ensure effective communication and assistance. We place great emphasis on fast response times, expert assistance and solutions to ensure that our customers can always count on our first-class support.

Our support includes:

  • 24/7 support
  • Remote access via VPN
  • Different service levels (2nd + 3rd level)
  • Bilingualism (English + German)
  • Qualified support team

Our offer in the field of software maintenance

Our software maintenance includes bug fixes, security updates, feature enhancements, and long-term support to ensure the stability, security, and performance of the software and extend its life.

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