Professional Consulting in Logistics and IoT Integration
to raise business productivity

Today’s business requires high efficiency and agility. There is cost pressure as well as completely new requirements to be up-to-date with the digitalization. Throughout the whole value chain with its internal and external parties the demand of data exchange is constantly growing. Through the evaluation of collected data from sensors inside a product or a production equipment the possibilities of optimization came into another sphere. Having this in mind, IoT is not a revolution, it is a logical evolution of using modern technologies and communication methods. The key in converting this precious data into business value is to have a digitalization strategy.

Use the opportunity to rethink and optimize your processes to integrate those value generating elements into your business processes. As your partner we encourage this process depending on your needs. In the simplest form this can be just an advisor or sparring partner, but we also take over the responsibility of designing your business processes.

Consulting is for us not just a theory. While executing a logistics project you benefit from our high experience and professional project management to bring the business optimization to life and value.

Our process from start to finish

Process Consulting

To find a proper solution to optimize your workflow and standardize the modular concept while the change management process takes place, it’s our approach to create a dedicated technical specification about business processes, related functionalities and system architectures in combination with you as a partner.

Two of the main targets is beside the cost reduction in general, the acceleration of your workflow and bring transparency into your organization.

Mobile Processes

Instead of making information only retrievable on mobile devices, successful mobile solutions represent actual business processes with the option to interact. For example the electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). It enables a smart mobilization of data and works completely independent of any mobile device. Therefore, mobile processes should be kept simple and value adding. Furthermore, they can be seen as an extension of the main dispatch system VAS.

Deployment, Maintenance & Management Strategy

Running a decentralized dispatch system requires a well thought deployment, management and maintenance strategy.
The goal is it to accelerate the installation of your new automation dispatch system to reduce operational costs and maintenance effort.

Furthermore, we also assist our partners in creating a sustainable and efficient maintenance plan. We pay particular attention to the optimal utilization of existing storage capacities with regard to the IT landscape.


Accelerate your IoT innovations with us. With deep vertical industry expertise and the necessary pragmatism, we support companies of all industries in the development and implementation of agile IoT solutions. With our comprehensive technology, industry know-how and the best practices of our international business network, we quickly and value-adding develop smart concepts, prototypes and proof of concepts, independent of any technologies.

Within our strong Axians network we have an intensive co-operation with Axians Digtailschiede to deliver a high bandwidth of expertise and know-how in the field of digital strategy and IoT to you.