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Having our roots in the IT-business and operational technology (IT / OT) sector, the modular designed Axians VAS solution perfectly matches the trend of digitalization where the integration of IoT devices will bring even more optimization potential for the industry in the near future. The ability to combine consulting, software development and business process optimization have been key factors for industrial companies to form a partnership with Axians Industrial Applications & Services (IAS) for a long time. Especially nowadays, where business processes are often being transformed and disrupted, it is extremely important to have a flexible and reliable partner. The long-term experience on the market shows that it is highly essential to have a very stable and reliable product to fulfill the basic requirements, to reduce the risk for the business while having the freedom to implement global company standards by customization. Big corporations like the fact, that VAS can be adjusted easily to a company template following standardizations of global processes with local adaptions.

Axians VAS Process from start to finish

VAS Process_World

Online order placement

The secure iDISPO system allows your clients to place their orders before arriving at the plant. This reduces bottlenecks, waiting lines and allows you to service more clients.

VAS Process_LKW


The VAS self service stations offer an easy way to use interface and are a quick method of entry registration. The terminals issue RFID cards for in-plant recognition. These terminals are both safer, and more secure than non digital registration methods.

VAS Process_Waage

Entry weighing

After registration VAS initiates the weighing process. After VAS saved the weight, the vehicle can be autonomously directed towards the correct loading terminal.

VAS Process_Silo

Loading Process

The Loading process begins when VAS registers the RFID card of the driver at the terminal, or when the operator indicates the process.

VAS Process_Waage

Exit weighing

After the loading process, VAS can direct the vehicle, to the exit weighbridge. VAS can then use RFID technology to identify the vehicle, and calculate the loaded weight.

VAS Process_Papers

Dispatch documents

Once the exit weight is used to calculate the product loaded, VAS constructs delivery note and prints it for the driver, as well as saves all data to your ERP system. This drastically reduces administrative duties within the plant.

VAS Process_ePOD

Delivery with ePOD

As the delivery is being executed, there is the optional electronic proof of delivery. Through a custom smartphone interface, GPS and signature of recipient are automatically sent to VAS as confirmation. This data is then saved to your ERP system.

VAS Process_Security

Security and control

VAS offers a variety of options that allow you to control the security in your plant. Entry and exit webcams can be used to monitor the driver and truck. RFID cards and terminals can be used to track vehicles as they move through the plant. In addition to our hard ware security, VAS also provides your company with digital security. Our security measures include systematic data backups, cyber security and optional 24/7 technical support.

Our core business is development and distribution of process-oriented logistics solutions for raw material industry worldwide. Mainly in the fields of yard management, automation and digitization, in particular, using the self-developed VAS® (Shipping Automation and Assurance) solution, including all related services, hardware and software components, project planning, installation, commissioning, customer service and worldwide maintenance of all systems.