November 18-19, 2020, OPTIMISATION 2020

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May 23-24, 2018  London, UK – 2nd Global CemProcess Conference

The exhibition and conference was full of exciting lectures and discussions about the latest projects, technologies and requirements in the bulk solids industry. Suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world were represented and the event offered a perfect platform for professional exchange and networking.
Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH was represented by Oliver Kurtnacker, who gave a presentation on “Process optimization through safe, automated and reliable systems”.

Left: Oliver Kurtnacker (Speaker)
Right: Oliver Kurtnacker, Dr. Robert McCaffrey (Editorial Director)

April 14 2018, Ulm Germany BBU ´01 CompanyCup

Axians IAS Offline-Teamwork
Axians IAS customers already know of our great teamwork capabilities within projects. However that our employees also practice teamwork outside their work environment has recently been proven by our hobby basketball team which took part in the professional section of the renown BBU 01 Company Cup hosted by the professional basketball club BBU 01 of Ulm, Germany.

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Teamfoto BBC 2018

Sascha Chahrour,
Holger Süß,
Marc Brida and Michael Fischer

April 06-08,2018 Axians IAS and A&D meet the Vinci Energies Hackathon„Human Beyond Digital Hack“ @Digitalschmide; Frankfurt, Germany

Our sister company Omexon provided the this year Hackathon´s challenge „Datascience and machine learning for detection of frauds“ from April 6 – 8, 2018. For the first time, all teams from worldwide competed together in the new Digitalschmide in Frankfurt against each other.
The difficulty was to prove that electricity is being squeezed out of a grid and that it is a fraud and not the loss of electricity due to any equipment that consumes electricity unnecessarily. But a unique team of seven young people with an affinity for IT developed a dashboard within 48 hours that clearly identifies and visualizes cases of fraud. With the help of machine learning, the team succeeded in developing an intelligent prototype with which they could also score in front of a high-ranking jury.

Hackathon 2018

Axians Analytics & Data:
Oliver Gropp, Selina Wagner, Paul Mandalka, Son Pham

Axians Industrial Applications & Services GmbH
Philipp Lenz, Philipp Putz, Renato Cabriolu

April 04-06, 2018 – 25th Asian Federation of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) Technical Symposium & Exhibition, Indonesia

This year’s conference of the Asian Federation of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) in Bandung, Indonesia from the 04th to the 06th of April 2018 was a full success for two VINCI brands, namely Axians Industrial Applications & Services Germany as well as Actemium Malaysia. In the manner of Vinci´s networking philosophy, both teams started to share information about similar projects and opportunities already some time before the event. Continuing talks finally led to the approach of sharing one booth at the AFCM conference in order to serve the interests of potential local customers by introducing the best of two worlds.
Axians Industrial Applications & Services presented their IT-logistics solution VAS that helps cement companies to improve their processes in the fields of truck planning and dispatch whereas Actemium Malaysia showed off their skills of industrial infrastructure works including process control, automation and more.
Both teams felt that the joint presence at the conference was in benefit to customer requests that are often looking for a provider that is able to serve both the software and infrastructure world. The good teamwork also led to the decision that future events and customer projects will be pursued whenever possible.

AFCM 2018

Background: Marc Brida (Axians IAS)
Left: Jeffrey E. Lewis (Axians IAS)
Right: Vinay Sriram (Actemium Malaysia)
Front: Monina Zulueta-Eduria (Axians IAS)

February 17-20, 2018 – Cemtech Middle East & Africa, Dubai, UAE

Claus Jordan (Head of Sales) and Oliver Kurtnacker (Project Manager) took part as exhibitors at this year’s Cemtech Middle East & Africa in Dubai, UAE.

It was a very interesting conference at which 35 different nations participated. We were able to successfully present ourselves as a company in Dubai, as well as some of our projects such as YAMAMA Cement. The conference was accompanied by exciting presentations. Special topics such as market developments, state of the art technology and IT security were presented. Among other things, Oliver Kurtnacker was also present with a lecture. We had an interesting exchange with partners around the globe and we are looking forward to participating again next year.

Oliver Kurtnacker (Project Manager) and Claus Jordan (Director Sales)

November 14-16, 2017 – 22nd Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition

Claus Jordan (Head of Sales) and Oliver Kurtnacker (Project Manager) took part as exhibitors at this year’s 22nd Arab International Cement Conference and Exhibition in Sharm el Sheikh.

The conference was accompanied by exciting lectures on the development in the most diverse markets worldwide. Our two colleagues were able to present our solution and concept to more than 500 international participants and they had an interesting exchange about different demands related to the Cement industry. Furthermore, we got the chance to demonstrate the latest version of VAS for the new production line of YAMAMA SCC.

Mr. Oliver Kurtnacker (left) and Mr. Claus Jordan (right)

October 19-22, 2017 – 1st Symposium for CEM Technologies, Dakar/Senegal

Our Axians Industrial Applications & Services sales team (represented by Mr. Claus Jordan and Mr. Marc Brida) were happy to join the 1st Symposium for CEM Technolgies in Dakar/Senegal from the 19th to 22nd of October. As a speaker Mr. Marc Brida presented the important factors of IT and logistics within the African cement industries and their impact on improving processes to the technical audience. Also shown in the center of the picture is Mr. Abdallahi Barro of Africom Sarl who is the organizor of the symposium. Mr. Barro will organize future events in the region and Axians IAS will be happy to join these in the future as well.

Mr. Marc Brida (left), Mr. Abdallahi Barro (Africom Sarl) and Mr. Claus Jordan (right)

October 01-04, 2017 – CemTech Rome 2017: production expertise – management skills

In the traditionally European cement conference at CemTech have been attended Mrs. Sabine Maier and Claus Jordan from AXIANS Industrial Applications & Services (IAS).During the three-day meeting with more than 250 international cement experts, our stand staff offered the opportunity to discuss with potential customers the assessments of the global cement markets.
In addition, the conference presented a broad spectrum of specialist presentations on production competency.

Mr. Claus Jordan and Mrs. Sabine Maier at the Cemtech Rome 2017

September 27-28, 2017 – 4th Alternative Fuels Symposium 2017 in Duisburg

In the steadily growing market for alternative fuels, Mr. Oliver Kurtnacker (project manager) and Mr. Claus Jordan (head of sales IAS) have been attended this excellent conference. More than 130 experts from 30 countries all over the world discussed during the 4th Alternative Fuels Symposium in Duisburg the possibilities of using this material in the cement industry.

In addition to Mr. Kurtnacker’s presentation “Economic software solutions for logistics of refuse derived fuels” Axians IAS had been represented there with a booth during the two days.

Mr. Jordan was very satisfied with the presented practice examples and technical discussions with potential clients during the two days symposium.

Mr. Oliver Kurtnacker (left) and Mr. Claus Jordan at the 4th Alternative Fuels Symposium 2017 in Duisburg

July 09-12, 2017 – Axians Industrial Applications & Services at CemTech Asia 2017 in Singapore

The CemTech Asia conference held in Singapore from the 09th to the 12th of July was one of the most important events in the Asian cement industry this year. As such Axians Industrial Applications & Services (IAS) did not hesitate to take part in the conference. Mr. Jeffrey Lewis and Mr. Marc Brida which are both Axians IAS representatives for the Asian market were representing Axians IAS with an own booth at the well visited event in Singapore. Axians Industrial Applications & Services has already strong ties to the Asian cement business. The company´s market leading IT logistic solution VAS is currently implemented within 9 plants in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Logo of the CemTech Asia 2017 in Singapore

July 10, 2017 – Eurovia group optimises road construction logistics processes in 400 factories

Axians is providing Eurovia, the leading European road construction group, with its Dispatch Automation System VAS. With a customised template, the asphalt specialist is optimising its logistics processes holistically, including company-specific procedures and seamless connection to its SAP system. In order to satisfy the requirements of the asphalt sector, Axians further developed their dispatch automation system with the know how of parent group VINCI Energies. All Eurovia processes concerning the flow of money and goods are deposited in a universal template that applies globally to all factories. Country- and sector-specifics can be quickly introduced and activated, thus securing the transboundary standardisation of the goods movement processes.

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Mr. Philippe-Alexandre Schajer Project Leader Eurovia with Mr. Oliver Kurtnacker Project Leader Axians


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